The NYPAY Event Archive: 2010 - Present

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2022 Events

Core Banking Transformation – To Cloud or Not to Cloud?
July | Virtual

This session covered various points of view on the history of core banking solutions in the United States, the current state of solutions available to a financial institution, and the opportunities and challenges associated with pursuing a cloud-based core banking strategy.

How Can Products for the Underserved be Affordable and Profitable?
June | Virtual

Panelists at this event discussed products and services designed to be both affordable to the consumer and profitable to the provider, what works and does not work, product design to meet the needs of this market, and how to attract customers to the product.

Truth About Faster Payments
May | Virtual

This event was targeted around modern, open payments systems and the opportunities they provide to develop creative overlay services on top of the faster payment rails, built along modern open banking standards, ISO messaging and API-based services.

Will Super Apps Find Success in the US?
April | Virtual

Industry experts discussed the concept of Super Apps. A sinlge app that does many things: messaging, getting a ride, and banking to name a few– one app that could replace many apps you used today. Discussions were based on the many firms trying to do the same idea in the US and if  they are likely to succedd, and the reasons therefore.

The Evolving World of Crypto – Changes and Challenges
March | Virtual

NYPAY invited executives sitting at the nexus of the old and new worlds share their insights in a panel discussion with leaders in the crypto ecosystem. The discussions focused on questions like, how can this emerging technology potentially transform the banking and payments landscape? What are the key drivers of consumer adoption? What are the advantages of decentralized networks over legacy systems, and what are the relative drawbacks and challenges of this new way of transferring value?

The Fintech Imperative
February | Virtual

NYPAY assembled an all-star panel to speak to the roles, the importance, and what it takes to build working relationships between banks and fintechs from the perspective of both. 


Earned Wage Access: An End to Predatory Payday Loans?
January | Virtual

NYPAY’s exclusive discussion with CEOs of fintechs that offer early access to wages and other related services focused on Earned Wage Access. Topics discussed were who is using the services, the business model, and the potential for disrupting the high-interest payday loan. And how employees, who were once subject to the predatory payday loan market, can now get their earned wages early from their employer.



2021 Events

Financial Services and Legal Cannabis
October | Virtual

This follow-up NYPAY’s last event on the topic in 2019 (Legal Cannabis- The Money Problem), focused on the changes and continued problems in this industry. The event was build around questions like: What would be the impact on financial services of Safe Act? Of de-scheduling at the federal level? What are the solutions today, and what is on the horizon?


NYPAY Hot Topics PLUS Networking
August | Virtual

This event covered three important industry topics selected in a survey of NYPAY Members. Between presentations participants had the opportunity to network and discuss issues with other participants.


NYPAY Networking Night
June | Virtual

NYPAY set up an exclusive, online opportunity to connect, reconnect or just catch up with each other and discuss advances in the payments space.


 PropTech 2021 – Why Investors, Corporations, and Startups are Bullish on this New Tech
May | Virtual

NYPAY and Valley Bank explored PropTech from a commercial “cretech” and residential real estate lens. Discussed were specific startups, investment trends, current COVID challenges and surprising opportunities.


 Naked Interchange: Exposing the Problem of Value Transfer
April | Virtual

NYPAY and Paymentgal lead a 2-Part conversation on Value Transfer. In the first session, panelists discussed the “problem” of interchange. In the second session panelists focused on how to potentially solve the problem of interchange.


 Loyalty 2021 – Where are Loyalty and Rewards in Financial Services Heading?
March | Virtual

NYPAY and a industry experts lead a discussion on questions like where the loyalty/rewards game is heading, what is forecasted to happen in the years ahead, and what the long game may be.

 Buy Now Pay Later – How Scared Should Credit Card Issuers be?
February | Virtual

NYPAY and a panel of experts shared their knowledge about the increase in options to finance a purchase other than with a credit card, and what the shift in consumer behavior regarding “buy now, pay later” services means for credit card issuers.


 Banking as a Service and Challenger Banks – the next 3 years
January | Virtual

NYPAY had experts in the dynamic area of Banking as a Service (BaaS) explain what they think the future holds for this industry and answer questions like, what does Banking as a Service mean, and how it is different from what challenger banks like Chime offer? Who are they hoping for as customers? And what does this mean for large banks?​.



2020 Events

RemTech Award Winner’s Demo Event
December | Online Event

NYPAY brought together three fintech in global remittances, to share new ideas and innocations on how to solve global remittance problems. Speakers were representatives from Comviva Technologies, Leaf Global Fintech, and TerraPay who discussed their innovation in mobile banking and cross-border payments.


The ABC’s of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
November | Online Event

This webcast centered around a discussion on CBDCs, how they are used, which countries are working on CBDCs, the regulatory implications, and if the adoption of CBDCs exceed that of non-flat digital currencies.


COVID-19 and Financial Services: How the Pandemic Has Impacted and Will Continue to Impact the Banking and Payments Sectors
October | Online Event

During this webcast, Phase 5 discussed the findings from its “COVID-19 and Financial Services” survey, a proprietary study which identifies and measures the impact of the pandemic by surveying 1,000 US consumers about changes in attitude and behavior toward their personal finances.


Financial Services, AI, and Ethics: Business Implications for Data Usage and Customer Engagement
September | Online Event

NYPAY explored foundational AI ethics questions and the impact on customers, business and the potential trade-off decisions that the new technologies bring to financial services.


Small Business: Support from Banks and Networks During Covid
August | Online Event

NYPAY brought together a panel of experts from a cross-section of banks, fintechs, and payment networks, moderated by a leading analyst in a wide-ranging discussion of what plans financial institutions and payment firms are mapping out for aid to small business to operate in this new world.


Fintech After the Lockdown: Transformed, Transforming, or Something Else?
May | Online Event

NYPAY organized this virtual event with experts in the space to discuss and provide some insight on questions like, how big a part will fintech be? What happens with funding? Will the move to digital continue at a higher rate? Which areas will thrive and which will struggle?


Real Time Payments, Coming Faster in 2020
February | New York, NY

NYPAY and a lively panel comprised of experts from every sector of the real-time payments revolution discussed the challenges that lie ahead for setting investment priorities and allocating resources to take advantage of the capabilities inherent in the new real-time payments infrastructure.


The Future of Mobile Wallets: PayPal vs. the CFPB
February | New York, NY

The Innovative Payments Association, NYPAY, and K&L Gates held lively panel, discussing items like, how the Prepaid Rule has shaped the payments market, how the Prepaid Rule has shaped the payments market, and the merits of PayPal’s lawsuit challenging the CFPB’s Prepaid Rule.



2019 Events

Your Body as a Better Password: The Rise of Biometrics
November | New York, NY

NYPAY organized a lively interactive conversation with industry experts about types of biometrics, advantages, limitations and challenges for each.


Payments in a Mobile World
October | New York, NY

NYPAY looked at how payment providers are navigating the changes, leveraging current technology and expertise, and partnering with mobility companies.


Why Open is the Future of Banking
September | New York, NY

Panelists discussed the meaning of “Open Banking” for bankers, fintechs, and consumers and debated questions like what can we learn from theUK, where regulations already require banks to cooperate with authorized third-parties, and what will it look like in the US?


Legal Cannabis—The Money Problem
July | New York, NY

Industry experts engaged in a lively discussion centered on how consumers, companies, and states are dealing with banking and payment issues in the legal cannabis industry.


In the Land of Financial Services, Will AI Be King?
June | New York, NY

Panelists from innovative and well-known technology companies offered a real-world perspective on AI implementations and approaches to improve customer service, operations and workflows, discussing how AI technology leaders are helping financial institutions enable their teams to improve customer experience and enhance organizational infrastructure.


Your Money’s No Good Here: Cashless Commerce vs Financial Inclusion
May | New York, NY

NYPAY organized a discussion on the ongoing battle for financial inclusion, answering questions like: What is the current status of efforts to provide financial services to the unbanked? Will mandating the acceptance of cash help or hurt these effort?


Transfers and Remittances: Startup Stories Live in Toronto and NYC
February | New York, NY & Toronto, Canada 

Building on last year’s successful “Two Cities” event, startups and incubators in Toronto and New York discussed the challenges and rewards of starting up a firm in each location, with a special focus on developers and fintechs in the payments transfers and remittances space.


2018 Events

NYPAY Panel on Healthcare Payments
November | New York, NY 

At this event, industry experts joined NYPAY for drinks and a conversation of the healthcare industry’s resistance to new payment systems and processes.


Fintech 1 vs Fintech 2
October | New York, NY 

At this event, a few startups and a VC joined NYPAY for drinks and a discussion of the changing face of fintech.


2018 Tomorrow’s Transaction Unconference
September | New York, NY 

During this informal free-flow format, where attendees shape an agenda to suit them, Dave Birch, one of Wired magazine’s top 15 sources of business information, gave the keynote, and NYPAY hosted a fireside chat with futurist and CEO of Moven, Brett King. Also leading discussion were Mike Dudas , Founder & CEO, The Block and Leanne Kemp, Founder and CEO of Everledger.

eCommerce and the Ever Evolving Face of Fraud: Fighting Back with Big Data and AI
August | New York, NY 

At this event we explored new emerging approaches criminals are using to perpetrate payment fraud in the e-commerce channel, followed by a lively discussion of the various fraud mitigation approaches.

Cashless Society: Inclusion, Risk & Crypto Hype
July | New York, NY 

NYPAY led a disussion with a focus on the human side of cashless society through the lenses of access, privacy, and risk to identify the conflicts and models of collaboration across payments/financial services, governments and the society they serve.

Will Cryptos ever be Currencies?
April | New York, NY 

NYPAY facilitated for a bit of a lesson and a lot of discussion on the future of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ether and its thousands of progenies, from FileCoin to EOS to Tether.

Can User Experience (UX) Make Payments Disappear?
April | New York, NY 

NYPAY brought together people who know the hard work involved in making successful user experience (UX) easy, to discuss the question, “Can UX design lead to payments disappearing?”.

A Tale of Two Cities: Running a Tech Startup in Toronto and New York
February | New York, NY 

Firms and incubators in Toronto and New York discussed the challenges and rewards of starting up a firm in each location, where we are today and what the future looks like.

Payment Facilitators and the Changing Face of Transaction Processing
January | New York, NY 

NYPAY brought together experts in the field from transaction processing and fintech to discuss what PayFacs are and how the industry is rapidly evolving.


2017 Events
Are Snoozing Points the Match to Ignite Mobile Wallets?
November | New York, NY

NYPAY, Bridge2 Solutions, Deloitte Consulting and rDialogue held a lively disussion on the ambitions of  broad-usage digital wallet and its associated loyalty programs in the U.S., and the billions of dollars worth of points dozing in millions of half-forgotten consumer accounts. .

US Faster Payments – Call to Action or Industry Inertia?
November | New York, NY

NYPAY invited several task force members, the Federal Reserve, bankers, and Alseda Consulting, a European services company who has witnessed banks’ growing pains from implementing this 24X7X365 service, to talk about and debate themes pertaining to Real-Time payments.

Retail’s Drive to Digital-Tools and Tactics
October | New York, NY

NYPAY and C2G Partners arranged a wide-ranging discussion of this critical topic. Panelists included data scientist Ozgur Dogan, Chief Solutions Officer at C2G Partners (and formerly CMO of Turkey’s leading e-commerce platform), a representative from Mastercard and a major retailer.

Finovate Fall 2017
September | New York, NY

Finovate Fall 2017 followed Finovate’s signature format of fast-paced demos, showcasing the best new innovations in financial and banking technology from over 70 leading established companies and brand-new startups. Each hand-picked company received just 7 minutes on stage to provide an inside glimpse into their latest developments.

How Economics and Technology are Impacting Cardholder Loyalty
July | New York, NY

NYPAY and leaders in this field discussed innovations in credit cards, and how the advent of loyalty and incentive programs brought powerful tools; the economics of which must be carefully managed.

Data Aggregation & Financial Services: Players and Issues
June | New York, NY

This NYPAY panel will explore the complex ways that consumer financial services data aggregators are driving FinTech innovations. While commercial demands are currently shaping the bounds of aggregator activities, regulatory intervention has the potential to significantly impact the development of these companies and the services they provide.

The Evolution of Mass Transit Payments
May | New York, NY 

NYPAY assembled a panel discussion which included an operator of an urban mass transit system as well as service providers and other experts from the payments industry who support this shift in the transit payment space. The panel touched on themes including “the business case”, passenger experience, technology and regulation.

Innovation Frontier of Financial Inclusion: US & Global Incubator Models
April | New York, NY 

NYPAY assembled panelists and participants for a conversation on how fintech innovation is improving the lives of underserved consumers. The Center for Financial Services Innovation shared latest research on the needs of consumers, how innovators are responding, and trends in the fintech market, while StartupBootCamp – Fintech shared the global perspective of their organization which operates Fintech accelerators in NY, London, Mumbai, and Singapore, as part of their broader network.

Default Payment Methods and Digital Commerce: Top of Wallet Re-defined
March | New York, NY 

NYPAY brought together panelists and participants in the world’s technology and financial capitals. Discussion centered on new Deloitte research into “default payments”–transactions using pre-stored payment details–which make up an estimated 84% of digital transactions.

The OCC FinTech Charter: A New Model For Tech-Enabled Financial Services?
February | New York, NY 

NYPAY organized a lively discussion with industry leaders of the prospects of the OCC special purpose fintech charter. Discussed were questions like, “will the concept survive the many challenges it can be expected to attract, including from fellow regulators? What kind of company would qualify for such a charter and what are the threshold requirements? What are the pros and cons of such a charter? How might an OCC fintech charter reshape the landscape of financial services?”


2016 Events

Blockchain, Tokens, Chips: How Best to Fight Fraud?
November | New York, NY 

NYPAY invited a panel of experts to discuss and share their insights on how to arm ourselves in the battle against fraudsters in an increasingly digitized world. Panel participants included the executives and/or founders of Source, Token, the Aite Group, and Davis Wright Tremaine.

What’s Next for the Networks in a World of Faster Payments?
October | New York, NY 

Industry executives joined NYPAY for a lively and insightful analysis of global card network’s strategic approaches. The panel discussion was guided by questions like, “what is the overall direction of the networks?” and “will real-time payment disrupt the networks’ traditional business and growth – or will the networks leverage this shift to expand further?”

IoT and Payments–When, Why, and How?
August | New York, NY 

NYPAY assembled a panel of industry experts to discuss the “Internet of Things”; connecting any device with an on and off switch to the internet. The focus of the discussion was how, with all those connected “things”, the challenges and complexities of payments will look like.

UK FinTech Regulation & Innovation: What’s Next?
July | New York, NY 

NYPAY and the British Consulate’s UK Trade & Investment hosted a dialogue that explored the current state of the RegTech market, the impact that different regulatory schemes have on FinTech innovation, and the potential impact of the Brexit on the UK’s position of being friendly environment for entrepreneurs in this space.

With professional advisers both within the UK and across more than 100 international markets, UK Trade & Investment is the Government Department that helps UK-based companies succeed in the global economy and assists overseas companies to bring their high-quality investment to the UK..

EMV 8 Months Later- Was That Really What We Expected?
May | New York, NY 
NYPAY presented a panel of subject matter experts for an update on the migration to EMV in the United States.  Panel members, which included industry leaders who were directly affected by this change, discussed early results, emerging beneficiaries, and adversaries.

Will the Blockchain Eliminate the Need for Payment Intermediaries?
April | New York, NY 
NYPAY selected a panel of blockchain leaders and innovators for a lively discussion and live webcast on the future role of payment intermediaries and providers in payments. Specific issues discussed and addressed included what type of payments are most likely to be affected by blockchain adoption, if the blockchain will have a role in helping the US and other markets fulfill the goals of their faster payments initiatives, and if new functions will emerge as the blockchain is adopted in payments. The panel discussion was be led by Eric Piscini, Principal  and Global Blockchain Leader at Deloitte Consulting and included executives from R3RippleJPMorgan Chase, and RRE Ventures.

Innovate or Abandon: The Business of US Financial Inclusion
March | New York, NY 
NYPAY selected a panel of financial services experts to facilitate an engaged discussion on how this market can be served in a way that is affordable for consumers and profitable for providers; with the underlying question whether there are solutions to these challenges through innovation. Panel members included executives from The Center for Financial Services InnovationBee FinancialRezzcardFenway Summer LLCCapital One Bank, and JP Morgan Chase

What APIs Enable
February | New York, NY 
NYPAY organized a panel of startup executives for a discussion about how APIs enabled their businesses/products. Panel members included several executives from ItemizeSocureDavis Wright Tremaine, and Currency Cloud.



2015 Events

The Capgemini World Payments Report 2015: #WPR15
October | New York, NY 
Capgemini’s World Payments Report (WPR) is recognized by financial services executives as a leading source for thought leadership and trends shaping global payments. Presenters included Deborah Baxley, principal at Capgemini, as well as Jose Paolo Huelgas, BSA/AML Compliance Officer at bitWAGE and Ulrike Guigui, Payments Practice at Deloitte. Attendees discussed and heard about topics such as transforming legacy systems, mobile payments, innovations in POS systems, regulations, and faster payment.

NYC FinTech eXtravaganza: #FinTechX
September | New York, NY 
NYPAY and Consult Hyperion have collaborated since 2012 to present the NYC Tomorrow’s Transactions Unconference. The 2015 conference featured the Regional Finals of the 7th BBVA Open Talent competition and a mix of thought-provoking leadership talks and open space discussions on a myriad of topics chosen by the attendees;

APIs in Fintech & Commerce – What They Do and Why They Matter
July | New York, NY 
Marqeta‘s head of product, Dave Matter, Opus Consulting‘s Head of Platform Transformation Service T M Praveen, and the MasterCard API team’s Brien Buckman joined NYPAY for an evening that deepened attendees’ understanding of APIs in FinTech, why they are important in FinTech, and how they can help businesses.

U.S. Real-Time Payments
June | New York, NY 
Deloitte’s Banking and Technology Consulting Principal Eric Piscini lead a panel that included Ben Isaacson, Executive Director of Payments Strategy at JP Morgan Chase,  Dan Gonzalez, Vice President of Payments Industry Relations for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Eric Purdum, Vice President of FIS’ PayNet Payments Network,  and Shari Krikorian,  Senior Business Leader – Emerging Payments at MasterCard in a discussion of the market needs for faster payments, how different faster payment networks and models work in the U.S. and elsewhere, the challenges faced in creating faster payment networks, the timing of real-time payments, and the anticipated impact of faster payments on all the stakeholders.

Cryptocurrencies and Regulation
March | New York, NY 
A key focus of the evening’s discussion was the efforts to remove friction in using cryptocurrencies/protocols (e.g., BitCoin, Ripple) and broaden mobile and physical distribution outlets. Leading this tremendous panel was George Peabody, who leads Glenbrook’s Bitcoin and the Blockchain workshops. Other panelists included David Landsman, Executive Director of the National Money Transmitters Association;  Houman Shadab, Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Center for Business and Financial Law at the New York Law School; and Ron Quaranta, CEO of Digital Currency Labs.

Tablets, Phablets, Laptops and Phones: How Does What You Carry Affect What You Do?
February | New York, NY
We all carry different mobile devices — which of those do people use most for financial activities, and does the device affect the use? Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group’s Digital Practice Lead Byl Cameron, plus CEO Jay Sidhu and Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer Luvleen Sidhu from just-launched BankMobile shared results of brand-new consumer research that answered the questions:

  • How quickly is mobile banking accelerating?
  • What device do consumers prefer for mobile banking? Is that changing?
  • How many devices will people own in the future?
  • What are the implications of mobile banking’s growth to financial institutions?
  • What investments must financial institutions make in the current environment?
2014 Events
Mobilizing Talent to “Mobile-ize” Financial Inclusion
September | New York, NY 
The NYPAY team hosted the FinCapDev team and the five Eastern FinCapDev finalist teams, allowing them to demo their apps. In addition to seeing the demos, attendees had a chance to interact with the innovators and engage with them as potential partners, investors, employers, mentors, or advisers.

3rd Annual Tomorrow’s Transactions NYC Unconference
September | New York, NY 
The Unconference event was a unique mix of thought-leadership talks and open-space discussions on topics chosen by the delegates on the day. Attendees were invited to join in any, all, or none of the discussions, and received a complimentary copy of “The Tomorrow’s Transactions Reader 2014” by David Birch. The points raised in the discussions were captured and shared with everyone in attendance.

First Solve for Identity: A Fraud Fighter’s Guide to the Galaxy
June | New York, NY 
Dave Birch, Consult Hyperion’s Global Ambassador and author of ‘Identity Is the New Money’, Lee Jurgens of the Merchant Advisory Group, and Rodger Desai, CEO of PayFone, a leader in secure mobile authentication, discussed the importance authentication/identity in the changing world of commerce and payments and risk in the existing payments infrastructure.

Upward Mobility: How a New Breed of Innovators Are Reaching the Unbanked through Mobile
March | New York, NY
Joined by Preeti Mehta of the D2D Fund, Brett King, founder of Moven and author of Bank 3.0, Arlyn Davich of PayPeks and Zaydoon Munir of Revolution Credit, NYPAY hosted this first, in a series of session, discussion around:

  • What needs of the under/unbanked can be met by mobile payment apps?
  • What are the gaps in the current mobile payment app offerings?
  • How can NYPAY members participate in these efforts?
2013 Events
Interchange on the Ropes: A Frank Discussion on the Battle over Basis Points
November | New York, NY
NYPAY invited Jeremy Rosenblum (Partner at Ballard Spahr LLP), Marianne Berry, (Director of Auriemma Consulting Group), and Jason Oxman (CEO of the Electronic Transactions Association) for a provocative panel discussion of topics including:

  • What is the end game of this legal wrangling, and how should financial institutions prepare?
  • Is there a middle ground for financial institutions and retailers to pursue?
  • Does this portend the return of Private Label programs, where interchange is not a factor?
  • What would lower interchange mean for bank issuers?
  • How are consumers ultimately affected? Would any of the “wealth transfer” pass through to them?

2nd Annual NYC Tomorrow’s Transactions Unconference
October | New York, NY 
The event was a unique mix of thought-leadership talks by Brett King of Moven, Steve Mott of Better Buy Design, and David Birch of Consult Hyperion and open-space discussions on topics that included mobile “wallet wars”, migration to chip cards in the US, alternative and parallel currencies, “big data”, and much more.

Beyond the Buzzword: the real impact of Big Data on the Payments Industry
September | New York, NY
NYPAY teamed-up with J. Michael Niczyporuk (Head of Digital Strategy at Capital One), Tim Duncan (former CIO of the CFPB and currently Founder and CEO of Cambridge Financial Technology), and Abhishek Mehta (Founder and CEO of Tresata), and Adam Treiser (Founder and CEO of Arjuna Solutions) in a panel discussion of topics including:

  • Where has “Big Data” already had a meaningful impact on how the financial services industry thinks about marketing and customer profitability? What transformations are yet to come?
  • What are the Data Privacy and Compliance implications? How can global organizations manage these across heterogeneous international legal regimes?
  • What about consumers? Should they have the right to commercialize or restrict the commercialization of their own data?

After the Meltdown: Consumer Financial Services for the Post-2008 Consumer
June | New York, NY 
NYPAY invited executives from American Express, Kiboo and Cap Gemini to provide attendees with their insights and stimulate an exciting discussion about changes in the ‘world of payments’, including the financial meltdown and its impact on consumer behaviour, increased regulation, and technological innovation.

Merchant Payment Acceptance 2020: The Needs, The Solutions
February | New York, NY 
NYPAY coordinated a talented panel of industry experts to discuss and share their perspectives of the present and future state of merchant acceptance.

NYPAY “Un-Holiday Party” Mixer and Networking Event
January | New York, NY

2012 Events
Emerging Risks to the Payments Value Chain & Innovative Models to Solve Them
September | New York, NY 
To address questions pertaining to the emerging risks to the payments value chain, NYPAY assembled a panel of subject matter experts; including a merchant advocate, an innovative solution provider, an innovative issuing bank, and one of the world’s leading payment networks.

Digital Money Unconference– From NYPAY and Consult Hyperion
September | New York, NY 
NYPAY and Consult Hyperion hosted the first NY Digital Money Unconference; an event mixing stimulating talks from industry observers with discussion sessions selected by the attendees themselves on the day. The event’s goal was for finance, payments and related industry professionals to explore the future of retail electronic payments.

An Investor’s View of Payments: Opportunities and Risks
May | New York, NY 
NYPAY assembled investors, an analyst, and a serial entrepreneur to talk about opportunities and risks in the payment space. Té Revesz, consultant and host of weekly radio show Global Reach lead the discussion on “sweet spots”, technology, and white space. Panelists included, Rodger Desai, David Freschman, Tien-Tsin Huang, Hans Morris, and Robert Peck.

Payment Innovations for the Underserved
January | New York, NY 
Participants enjoined an evening with Daymond John and other payment thought leaders, exploring approaches and innovation in reaching those currently not well served by financial services. The panels of experts discussed topics like the services needed to meet the needs of this market, the new business models that will change the profitability game, the keys to success in this market, and who/where the innovation leaders are.

2011 Events
NYPAY: Alternative Payments & Disruptive Innovation – Where Will the Winners Come From?
September | New York, NY 
NYPAY invited industry leaders to discuss their views of the latest changes to alternative payments. Discussions touched on innovation in mobile and online payments, P2P/Money Transfer, carrier-based billing, social network payments, and other innovative payment models – from the front-end (text, NFC, bar-codes) and the back-end perspectives (social networks, mobile operators, ACH).

NYPAY- Future of Loyalty and Rewards
June | New York, NY 
NYPAY invited an array of panelists representing a bank, a merchant, an analyst and a rewards provider to lead a discussion on the evolvement, current state, and expected future state of loyalty and rewards programs.

Payments Industry 2020 : Crystal ball into the payments industry
February | New York, NY 
Five panelists joined NYPAY for sharing insight into how the payments industry will evolve over the coming decade.

2010 Events
NYPAY Payments Group Event: Chasing the Mobile Money- What is the Next Frontier?
September | New York, NY 
The September 2010 NYPAY event consisted of an engaging and lively discussion on what’s next in the world of mobile payments, and included a panel discussion on “Chasing the Mobile Money – What is the Next Frontier?”, with speakers Deb Baxley, Steve Kietz, and Nitin Gupta.

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