COVID-19 and Financial Services

COVID-19 and Financial Services: How the Pandemic Has Impacted and Will Continue to Impact the Banking and Payments Sectors

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October 29, 2020

During this video, Phase 5 will discuss the findings from its recent “COVID-19 and Financial Services” survey, a proprietary study that identifies and measures the impact of the pandemic by surveying 1,000 US consumers about changes in attitude and behavior toward their personal finances. The findings will serve as a backdrop to discuss how the banking and payments sectors need to reimagine and redesign the experience they deliver to consumers in order to meet their changing needs post-pandemic (including but not limited to digital).

Key takeaways:

Key changes in consumers’ Financial Attitudes and Behaviors; How has COVID changed how consumers interact with their bank? How is COVID shaping consumers’ CX and perceptions of their bank? How has COVID changed payment practices and attitudes?

Ron Mazursky, NYPAY

Steve Hansen, Partner, Phase 5
Michael Dolenko, Partner, Phase 5

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